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Is now the time to sell your business?

Daniel Kroes
June 2020 — 59 views

Private equity funds in corona times

Daniel Kroes
June 2020 — 51 views

The M&A Monitor 2020 - Some key figures of the Belgian takeover market

Daniel Kroes
June 2020 — 56 views

It becomes more difficult to reorganize a company with going concern issues through a takeover.

Déborah Fischer
February 2020 — 790 views

Deals are more often on the loose

Déborah Fischer
February 2020 — 755 views

Takeover market in Belgium: Prices come to a halt

Déborah Fischer
February 2020 — 786 views

Outlook remains positive for the M&A market

Daniel Kroes
February 2020 — 766 views

PMV guarantee scheme supports record number of takeovers

Marc Van Damme
February 2020 — 734 views

Analyse the customer base in case of an acquisition

Daniel Kroes
February 2020 — 677 views

Many small acquisitions create more value

Daniel Kroes
February 2020 — 730 views

More and more SMEs are opting for an external sale

Daniel Kroes
February 2020 — 776 views

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